See Your Patients in the Hospital



How do you do really, really well under a shared-risk compensation system such as Medicare Advantage.



The title gives it away.



Round on your inpatients. Twice a day if necessary.



You don’t have to care for them, just coming . Your physical presence is is enormously valuable.



Coming in to the hospital to see your patients is so rare these days, just doing it once will create a bond that will last forever—and the stronger the bond with your patient, the more effectively you can curate their care.



The hospitalist will love, love, love you coming in too. You can work with them to develop and execute the treatment plan and even help with the data entry to discharge the patient when ready.



Generate a reputation as a powerful, positive collaborator with your hospitalist and even when you don’t come in, your patient’s needs will get addressed sooner and more effectively.



Of course, taking care of your inpatients on your own is best, but if that’s not an option go to see them.




Since you’re sharing in the cost savings and inpatient treatment is your greatest source of cost—you’ll see your efforts reflected in your compensation.




And it will be substantial.