Saturday Quiz

While I’ve been working on the Saturday Quiz, the Q and A file has been filled to bursting, so the Quiz is going on hiatus until I get some questions answered.


Here’s the first:



What’s the single most unusual method of attracting Medicare Advantage patients to your panel that you’ve seen?

Erin A. DO



A physician I’ve worked with advertises their “pet-friendly” office. Seniors are welcomed, encouraged even, to bring their pets with them to their visit—and warned to stay away if this is a problem.


Office visits are very stressful and letting your patients know that their pet is welcome is a huge competitive advantage.





The answer to last week’s quiz



A patient can change their Medicare Advantage coverage outside of the normal enrollment calendar in “special situations.”  How many special situations does the government recognize?

A. 2

B. 8

C. 12

D. 18

E. 20



Answer: E 20

There are so many that essentially anyone can change their plan at any time, but you’ve got to know how to do it.

That’s why I recommend senior’s find themselves an insurance home.

If your patient is in distress because of a poor enrollment choice and you can help them, not only will you have a devoted patient for life, but you’ll also have the street credibility to influence their healthy choices for years to come.