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Your patient finds themselves in a Medicare Advantage plan she didn’t remember signing up for (also known as “getting slammed”).  She likes her old plan. She comes to you for help.  Which one should you NOT do:



A. advise her to call her insurance company and ask them to undo the change.

B. advise her to find a reputable agent, settle down into an “insurance home,” and have them fix the problem.

C. call the Medicare help line.

D. call their congressman’s office.

E. All are ok.




The astonishing answer next week.










Last week’s answer


Coding tools in the electronic health record are time-consuming to interpret and not always correct.

Which of the following conditions are risk codes associated with an increase in capitation—and how would you find out?


A. Old MI

B. Shortness of Breath

C. Mild Intermittent Asthma

D. Chronic anemia, not otherwise specified

E. Low Back Pain




The answer is C, mild intermittent asthma.


How can you find out?


Go here, the government releases spreadsheets which maps ICD-10 to risk-scores. This site will keep you up to date.


There, you now know one of my the secrets to my Medicare Advantage success.