Saturday Question

Nassim K. asks: How can I make money on my Medicare Advantage contract?

Perform a qualified encounter with at least 95% of the patients on your panel once a year. Do whatever you have to do to achieve this—home visits, phone calls, anything. Bond with them, address their health issues, identify new ones, offer them appropriate health maintenance.

Systematically collect their diagnostic codes for submission to their insurance company. This means having at least a passing acquaintance of risk coding. This series on my blog is a great place to start.

Take great care of them. Advocate for them. Curate their care. Be available for them when they need you. Enjoy the exercise of your profession.

Those three steps will allow you to generate 80% of the value of your Medicare Advantage contract in a most time-effective way. How hard you work beyond that is up to you, but depending on how much risk-sharing you’re doing and how much other work your employer requires, you may find that working more makes you busier but not wealthier.