Saturday Q and A

Dr. Donna asks:


“What’s the most effective method of getting a patient in for their yearly visit?”



Ask them personally. Leverage your credibility. Make a connection.



If a direct contact from me doesn’t work, like say through a phone a call or catching them at the store, then you have a decision to make.




I was the only doctor in a small town, so I didn’t believe I could ethically fire them from my practice.




Some of my other partners had no such qualms. If they get sick and you haven’t coded them up, they could cost you significant revenue.




But in reality, when they signed up for Medicare Advantage, they signed up to come in once a year.




So if they don’t come in to see you once a year, contact your Medicare Advantage Organization and fire them for non-compliance.




The extra. benefits of Medicare Advantage don’t come without responsibility.




Everyone, the clinician, the insurer and the patient has to do their share.