Saturday Q and A

Dr. Carlos inquires:

What’s the highest RAF score one of your patients has achieved?



That’s not a typo.


this patient had six hospitalizations in one year for multiple amputations and every complication you can think of—with some chronic illnesses on top—one of which, surprisingly wasn’t diabetes.



The care managers and I got him through them, and the next year when all his diagnoses popped up, he came in at an 18.6



Given that we had stop-loss insurance which limited our liability to about 50k out of pocket, by the end of that second year we were far ahead financially—and we were able to use those resources to help him do great.



And despite the big hit, our stop-loss premiums didn’t even go up.



That’s why the sicker the patient, the better everyone does.



As long as you:


Get them in once a year

Code them up


Take great care of them.