Saturday Q and A


Dr. Kathy writes:


I’m just separating from my partners and need to know how to get find a Medicare Advantage plan to participate in. I can’t use any of my partner’s contract nor contract through our IPA.



In order:

  1. Contact your state medical association, they may have group contracts you can access—they’re increasingly offering this service as they try to stay relavent.
  2. Go to search for Medicare Advantage plans in your area. Contact the smaller, more local ones for a contract.
  3. Make an appointment with a local insurance broker who is well known for their Medicare Advantage sales. Find out from them, anecdotally which product is most popular and then contract that insurer for a contract directly.


For reasons I’ll explain in this space next week, it’s increasingly difficult for individuals and small groups to even get a call back from an insurer about a contract.


If your state medical association can’t help, then your best bet is a smaller, more local insurer and build your practice from there using all the tactics I’ve outlined here over the years—but do try to contact the national insurers for a contract, just don’t waste too much time or become too discouraged if they don’t call you back.