Saturday Q and A



Dr. Aziz asks


Thank you very much for all the excellent information. Which insurance companies offer the best Medicare Advantage contracts?  How do I find them?



Thanks for the kind words, doctor.



Experience has taught that the best Medicare Advantage contract for you may not be the best for some of your patients, so take all that you can.



You’ll prevent yourself from being too dependent on the whims of one insurers and broaden the base of patients you can draw from.



There are some financial benefits from consolidating most of your patients under one contract—some insurers will reward you financially in different ways for doing so.



Don’t fall for that.



For primes, Medicare Advantage is a program that rewards relationships. If you try to drive your patients to an insurer that might not be the best fit, they will smell you working to your own financial advantage a mile away.



Take good care of your patients, make sure your insurers are being honest with you come payday and you’ll do fine.