Saturday Q and A



Dr. Amy writes;


“I’m being pressured to take care of a lot more patients than I’m comfortable with. How many Medicare Advantage patients is too many?


How many can you form a thorough therapeutic relationship with?


For some, it’s 100, for others it’s 300, for a few it’s 700.


For me, it was 500.


If you care for more than you are comfortable with, you’ll quickly find yourself back in the old fee for service mind set—and you’ll feel it.


The lack of depth of your relationships with your patients will mean you’ll be less able to curate your patient’s care, while the increased number of patients means your gross revenue from coding will be much higher.


You will find, in fact, that it is a wash—you’ll earn about the same money, you’ll just be working harder do it.


So find your sweet spot.


Do well without consuming your soul.


With Medicare Advantage, you’ll generate far more revenue than you will with fee for service.


And not only will you do it with less work…


You’ll do it with a more balanced life of joy.