Saturday Q and A



Dr. Allen writes:


Thanks for all the tips.

What’s the best way to save money on patient care costs with Medicare Advantage besides just saying “no”?


Allen, you’re welcome for the help,


Just saying “no” pushes care costs into the future—and doing so ensures you will pay far more money in care costs then than you will now because your patients will be sicker.


But you can’t really control what illnesses your patients are going to face , so what can you do to control their care costs?


Get them whatever care they need as efficiently as possible.


Collaborate with your patient on their care plan and then do your damnedest to execute that plan as quickly as is called for.


Make the phone contacts.  Push your consultants. Follow up on results quickly.


This is just good care.


And the money you save is your compensation for delivering.


Total-risk contracts such as Medicare Advantage are revolutionary in the healthcare world.


You’re actually paid for doing a good job.