Saturday Q and A

Dr. Doris writes:


How do I decrease my patient’s hospitalization costs under my Medicare Advantage plan?




The best way is to care for your patients while they’re in the hospital.


If that’s not possible, “virtually round” on them with the hospitalists caring for them.  They will love you for bringing your perspective. It makes their job much easier.


Next, don’t depend on your care management staff to perform follow-up care. Follow up with your discharges by phone yourself.


Too busy to do that? Reduce your workload. You’ll make far more money reducing hospitalizations that you will running an RBV mill.


Can’t reduce your workload, then at least prioritize a personal engagement with the sickest patients after discharge.  I don’t mean the post-hospitalization visit, I mean a home visit or a phone call.


If this seems like a lot of effort, it is.


The difference is, with this effort you’re getting paid for the value you create. And the value you create is based on the skill and talent you bring to the table.



Once you start getting paid for healing rather than doing, there’s no going back