Sales Gatherings



You may be invited to one or more sales gatherings this Medicare Advantage open enrollment systems.




You know the kind.  They offer you free lunch and other assorted goodies in exchange for your attention.




They’re usually sponsored through a local senior center or other institution.




Handle with care.




They are no different than those offers for free cruises or free nights at a resort in exchange to sitting in at a sales meeting.




You can go to them, enjoy the free stuff, get some information, ask some questions.




But never, ever, buy anything there.




Remember, these events are first and foremost sales functions.




They work on the principle is they give you something free, like lunch, you’ll feel compelled to give them something free in return—like your signature.




It’s also not unusual for the sponsoring institution or their representative to get a little something on the side in exchange for using their credibility to sponsor the event.




So, by all means go to them if you wish, but buy your coverage through your “insurance home.”



They’re the only ones who have their skin in your game.