Physician Mentoring

Physician Mentoring

Dr. Bryce asks, “You talk a lot about jobs and young doctors coming out of residency. What about someone who’s been through a couple of cycles of employment contracts and is thinking of doing something else?  What advice do you have for us?”

Read the book Transitions by William Bridges.

Its been around 25 years, is constantly updated and considered a classic—having sold millions of copies.

It’ll start you on your journey and you’ll finish the book with a better idea of your first steps.

A wise man once told me, “Clinicians sell their services in a market controlled by those whose only goal is to get them to work as much as they can for as little as they can.  Once you get outside that market—once you can put your experience, credentials and expertise out there—you will be amazed not only on the compensation you can demand and the opportunities that present themselves, but also at the high quality of the life you can lead.”

Having taken that journey, I can personally attest—he was right.