Personal Training for Your System’s Success

Keep a personal trainer on retainer so your primes can use them for their patients who are motivated to use the extra help.


What’s the most powerful predictor of healthcare costs?


It’s frailty.


How do you cure frailty?


Exercise. Resistance exercise.


Can you cure frailty in everyone?


No. You can only cure it in someone who’s motivated.


But with Medicare Advantage the ROI on a single frail person who’s motivated to make a change is enormous. So how do you take advantage of it?


Connect them with a personal trainer on your staff. Have the trainer charge them a small fee for their services so the patient has skin in the game.


The decrease in care costs in one patient alone will cover your costs.


And the “cowbell” from having great personal training as a benefit to your patients will get you noticed.


Motivated frail beneficiaries will clamor to sign up with your system.


And the winning for everyone won’t ever stop.