Your Own Personal Pharmacist—and the Next Best Thing

Ronnie owned the pharmacy down the street.



He was our pharmacist for 40 years.



We never got our prescriptions from anyone else.



And when my father’s COPD finally went end-stage, he helped us with the cost of his meds.



He was the model of what a pharmacist should be.



When I entered practice, I was fortunate my little town had another great pharmacy—with a great pharmacist.



If you still have an independent pharmacy, grab on with both hands and stay with them as long as you can, even if they cost you a little bit more.



The personalized service is well worth the cost.




If you don’t, try Amazon’s new pharmacy service, Pill Pack. It’s gotten a lot of press recently.




You send them your prescription and for the cost of your co-pays, you get all your pills in individualized packets organized based on the time you take them.




It too is a great service. I suggest you look into it.




Your pharmacy probably offers the same service, but it will cost you extra.  Pill Pack doesn’t.




But if you still have a Ronnie in your life, stick with them.




He may cost a little more, but the connection is a priceless, rare jewel.