Part-Time Work is the Way to Go

Lonette K. asks:


“I tried what you suggested but my boss won’t take “no” for an answer when it comes to limiting my workload. What (should I) do?”



Go part-time, either there or somewhere else, and make up the difference with a telemedicine practice, an expert witness practice, moonlighting, or some other sideline.



Part-time practice is a significant drag on the financial performance of your employer, that’s why they will pay you substantially less per hour to do so. If you want benefits, you’re going to have to work 3/4 time, most clinicians find working twenty hours a week is a sweet spot for them personally and on a “per hour” basis.



Set up your own practice, run all your revenue-generating services through it. Take advantage of all the benefits of owning a business has to offer. Fund your own benefits—high-value and tailored to your needs.




“Gigging it”—several part-time flexible positions is the way to go for both your financial and mental health.




And to live a life of joy.