Nursing Homes are Your Key to Medicare Advantage Success


Employed or practicing on your own, if you have a risk-sharing arrangement under Medicare Advantage, a nursing home practice will supercharge your success.



The details are shared in this work—it’s literally worth more than its weight in gold.



Nursing homes are badly in need of clinicians who practice good medicine. Medicare Advantage risk-shares are a great payment system to reward you for your efforts.



Under fee-for-service, nursing home medicine is just not worth it—there’s too much risk and too much uncompensated time.



But Medicare Advantage is designed so that you share in any cost-savings you generate, the sicker the patient, the more cost-savings possible.



So you can see the potential in a nursing home population.



Increasingly, nursing homes are going to the “virtual ICU” model—one doctor caring for thousands of patients over the internet using a virtual presence from a central location.



Whatever the benefits of such an arrangement, a physician who comes in person and cares for 100 patients is better.



Be that clinician.



Medicare Advantage not only makes it possible to take this approach—Medicare Advantage makes it wise.