From Tom's Desk

Happy Birthday---And Thank You

One year of value-dense newsletters.

One year of learning about the great opportunities in SNP plans, about enforcement trends, about why beneficiaries choose you.

One year of answering your questions, of focused, actionable high-value insights targeted to improve the Medicare Advantage performance of insurers, executives, and clinicians alike.

I started out just wanting to share my success so patients could do better---but the response has overwhelmed even my wildest expectations.

Thank you for joining the tribe.

Next week, you'll see a redesigned newsletter---new look, still packed with value.

You can expect more of the same.

Our message of how to unlock the promise of Medicare Advantage is resonating across the internet.

"You can deliver excellent care sustainably."

"Clinicians don't have to kill themselves to make a living."

"Done poorly, Medicare Advantage is a disaster waiting to happen. Done well, it represents the future of healthcare."

These are the messages you're seeing.

And you can say you heard them first.  

But more importantly, if you've acted upon them, you can say you got there first---and prospered more than you ever imagined.

As for your engagement, your feedback, your support, and your dissemination of my content to your friends and colleagues---it has meant more to me than you could ever know.

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