How the New Medicare Payment System Affects Patients

The government just announced that starting on January 1, 2019, they propose doctors are going to be paid the same amount of money for each patient visit no matter what that visit was for or how long it took.

Saw the doctor for a cold? He gets paid $93

For cancer? 93$

For 5 minutes? $93

For 50 minutes? $93

If you have traditional Medicare, be prepared to be moved through the system like a car on an assembly line.

And if you have a chronic disease of any complexity, you must consider changing your Medicare coverage to something other than traditional Medicare—you simply won’t be given the attention you’ll need to stay well.

Medicare Advantage may be the best option available. Your doctor will be paid based on keeping you well rather than moving you through the system.

I expect enrollment in Medicare Advantage to soar.

Contact your insurance home right now, and ask them about this change.  Make sure you have the best option for your health insurance available.

Come January first, when you see you’re friends treated even more like a piece of meat than you do now, you’ll be very glad you did.