New MAO Insures is Your Opportunity to Innovate



As new insurers enter the Medicare Advantage market, that’s you’re opportunity for taking advantage the many opportunities we discuss in these pages.




  • Shop around for your own reinsurance coverage (don’t take theirs at an initial low rate, they’ll just jack it up later when they’ve become established).
  • Ensure that you have vendor options for carve-ins like home health and hospice.
  • Enshrine escalators into your monthly stipend payments so as you do better, you get more of that money up front.



Review the years of postings on these issues and see what you can make stick.




The big, established MAOs won’t give you concessions unless you’re doing very, very well.




These new entrants are desperately seeking market share to attract acquisition offers—that’s their path to “profitability”. They’re not as interested in ongoing net revenue growth so they’ll be much more interested in your suggestions.




The explosive growth in Medicare Advantage plans is a great opportunity for you to ensure your own success.




I suggest you take it while you can.