How Much is Your Employment Offer Worth?

How can you figure out how much your employment offer is worth?

You need to know both how much you’ll earn—and how much time you’ll have to invest to earn it.

You need to know about meetings and trainings and in-service seminars. And task lists. And EHR.

How do you know how much time you’re going to have to put in?


Ask your employer what are the minimum requirements to qualify for the guarantee. Ask about the non-clinical and clerical expectations.

Then calculate how much time each week it’s going to take to meet them.

You can do this by relying on your own experience and the observations you make while touring your prospective employer.

Information from prospective co-workers is important too, but a bit more dicey to obtain. Unless they’re really burned-out, they’re not going to answer your questions truthfully.

You can improve your chances of candid answers by touring your prospective work site late, late in the work day. Their guards will be down and by watching them work at crunch time, you’ll be able to see how reasonable your work demands will be.

Once you’ve collected all the objective and subjective data you can, sit down with a pencil and paper and work out how much time you’ll spend each week getting all your work done.

If you want to be really accurate, include your commute time and the time you’ll need to recover from your day—time you would be spending doing something else if not for work.

Once you’ve arrived at a number of hours per week to fulfill your responsibilities, divide it into the offered guaranteed salary.

And there you have your true compensation laid bare—the amount of money you’ll earn for each hour of effort.

No tricks, no persuasion techniques.

Just hard data.

Now you can make an informed decision.

Is is worth it?

What else could I do with the same amount of time?