Mind the State You Decide to Practice In



Arizona is expediting PCP licensure applications.



Missouri is approving limited licensure for docs without internships.



Ohio has reduced CME requirements.



What do all those states have in common?



The are fully controlled by a limited number of large health systems.



Working conditions are miserable, Wages are below the mean. Burnout rates are higher.



All because of limited competition.



So the number of clinicians is dropping.



Since the legislatures and regulators won’t address the underlying causes, the citizen licensure boards are forced to reduce barriers to licensure to address the increasing shortage of clinicians.



My state is a case study. Unless you have corporate aspirations,  it’s a miserable state in which to practice medicine—that’s why clinicians are leaving in droves, with no young blood coming in to replace them.



When you’re looking for an employed position, avoid states who are using gimmicks like those above to increase the numbers of clinicians.  They are doing so for a reason.



Doctors are flocking to Texas, Tennessee, and South Dakota for the same reason—-there is more competition for clinician services and the state governments are less effectively captured by the industry.



Those are the states you should look at first.



On the whole, you’ll be happier there.