How Many Meetings?

For clinicians and clinicians-to-be


Illness burden.


Medication burden.


I’ve got a new one for you—meeting burden.


When evaluating a potential practice, make it your business to find out exactly what’s expected of you in terms of meetings.


I’m not talking about grand rounds or noon conference.


I’m talking about the meetings, the training, the online “experiences.”


All of it uncompensated—with content sure to slowly add to your anxiety and suck your will to live.


Your recruiters won’t be honest with you about it, they’re there to get you to sign.


Neither will the organization itself.


Best to ask current clinicians–but outside of the dog and pony shows that your interviewers arrange.



Consider asking former clinicians. The internet is a wonderful tool for finding them as most organizations have an interest in not cleaning up their websites—more clinicians on their websites makes them look better.


Remember these clinicians left for a reason, so filter your impression through that lens.


Even better, ask the medical directors for copies of their meeting logs for the past three months.  These logs are how they justify their time—they’re pretty accurate.  You should be able to get an idea of often their clinicians have to get together.


A certain meeting burden is inevitable, desirable even.  If the function of required meetings is to keep you informed, then that’s ok.


One on one meetings—better still.


CMS required compliance training—insulting but part of the deal.


However, the distance between desirable and burdensome is pretty small.


Mandatory is bad.


Again, some “mandatory” cannot be avoided, but there should be no more than one hour’s worth per month.


Is your pay going to get docked if you don’t attend?  A “Citizenship” component to compensation, perhaps?  They’re very common, part of corp-med groupthink.  They’re also an enormous red flag about how you’re viewed within the structure of your organization.




Remember, every hour you spend being “managed” so your administrator can check off a box is one hour you’re not getting caught up on your records, one hour you’re not generating income, one hour you’re not at home with the ones you love.


Know what you are getting into. Don’t fall victim to the “meeting burden”.


It’ll burn the heart out of you like nothing else.










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