Your Medicare Advantage Doctor Has A Financial Conflict of Interest

Almost everything your Medicare Advantage doctor recommends at your annual visit comes with a conflict of interest.



Immunizations, blood pressure medicine, cancer screenings



She is graded or influenced to make sure you do all of it.



She is allowed to have a certain percentage of her patients turn her down, but too many and she will cost herself money—and find herself under pressure from her bosses.



Eventually, they could take action that might result in her not being able to practice at all.



I’m not saying these interventions are bad. I’m not saying that they don’t benefit the population as a whole.



What I am saying is that they may not benefit you personally.



Beginning in January, one of the things your doctor is being graded on is your blood pressure. lowering the average blood pressure will save millions of people from stroke and heart attack.




Unfortunately,  it will also cause millions of people to be on blood pressure medicine which will bring them no benefit—and cause hundreds of thousands of falls, broken bones and failed kidneys—not to mention millions with other milder side effects.




All in patients who would have been perfectly fine if they had just been left alone




Which will you be among?  The millions who are helped or the hundreds of thousands who are harmed?




You can’t rely on your doctor to tell you which, Her incentives run only one way.




You have to be a savy consumer, because your Medicare Advantage doctor is no longer being paid to be your advocate.




She’s being paid to advocate for her health system, her insurance company, Medicare.




And what they want for the country, isn’t necessarily what you want for you.