Medicare Advantage and Social Media—The Parallels and Your Success


When I first started in the consulting biz, I engaged a social medial company to raise my profile.


It didn’t take long to figure out what they were doing wrong.


The tried to promote me over multiple channels rather than establish connections over just one.


I recognized it so quickly because I’d seen the same thing in Medicare Advantage.


Primes would start trying to work multiple leverage points in their contract all at once instead of identifying the most lucrative one, working it until they got where they wanted it to be and then moving on to the next—bringing their new found experience and expertise with them.


Think of success in Medicare Advantage as building a bridge with the goal of bringing a large number of people over a river.


You don’t start by building a huge bridge. Building a big bridge is exponentially more difficult than a small one—especially without any real experience.


For the same reasons, you also don’t build a large number of small bridges.


You succeed by successfully building a single small bridge. Then using that experience to build another. And another.


Likewise, in social media, you concentrate on being successful in a single way on a single channel. Then you repeat using your experience.


Medicare Advantage is the same way. Identify the most effective intervention you can make in the name of patient care and revenue. Execute it to the max. Then identify another. And another. And another.


Until you get where you want to be.