Dr Jen


Mrs. Dr. Tom is cursed with chronic pain, so she needs a good clinician to help her deal and get through the bad days.


And she just got off the phone with hers—-Dr Jen.


She was on the phone with her for over an hour.


An hour!


It didn’t cost her one extra nickel.


Dr Jen’s practice is run on a “Direct Primary Care” model.  For a monthly fee, Dr Jen will take care of all your primary care needs. She’ll treat your colds and sprained ankles, refill you meds, order your tests, fill out your forms.


When more complex situations come up—-hospitalizations, cancer—-she’ll serve as your personal confidentialist.


There’s no contract, no commitment.


Just good care.


How can she do it?


She doesn’t take insurance. Any insurance. At all.


You have to pay for the monthly fee out of your own pocket.


And a better deal you will seldom find.


Since she doesn’t take insurance, she’s not limited to providing care through face-to-face visits. She can take full advantage of all the connective technologly—-skype, facetime, email—-even the phone.


And she’s not chained to the computer, doing data entry when you’re trying to tell your story. She can actually look you in the eye.


There’s none of the garbage you have to fill out every time you go to the doctor’s office, no privacy fears, no concerns about who’s buying the bulk data that you’re providing your clinician’s system through the EHR.


Just a personal clinician—-yours.


But you’re already paying $300 a month for Medicare part A, B, and D and another $300 for a supplement—-if you can afford another $75 or $100 a month, is it worth it?


Speaking as someone from the inside of the medical profession, yes it is. Big time.


Next week I’ll tell you why.



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