Love Your Hospitalist

If you are taking financial risk under Medicare Advantage, the edge you need to improve your performance might just be your hospitalist.



Every morning, check the census list(s) at the hospitals your patients commonly use and connect with the hospitalists who are caring for your patients.



Find out what’s going on with them, their anticipated discharge date, their follow-up plans.



The hospitalist will love you for it.  You are free font of information they would otherwise have to spend time extracting from the EHR—and you’re reducing their readmission rates to boot.



You will stand out (very few docs do this). Your hospitalist will mention your interest to your patient who in turn will market your caring compassion to new Medicare Advantage enrollees.



Very quickly you will develop excellent relationships with your hospitalist—and an excellent reputation.



Bonus points for going in and rounding yourself, even if you’re not actually taking care of them in the hospital.



Hospitalization is your single greatest expense. A brief connection with your hospitalists on a routine basis is a very high-return use of your time.



Try it and succeed.