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Growth in MAOs Slowing?
For Medicare Advantage Success, Work Your Contract As It Was Originally Intended
Competition For Your Clinician Labor Increasing
Survey 2019

The Last Barrier to Competitive Bidding Falls
Stop Pestering Your Primes
Medicare-For-All and Competitive Bidding
The Implications of Competitive Bidding
2019 Medicare Advantage Events That Will Absolutely Come True


2019 Medicare Advantage Events That Will Absolutely Come True
CMS Directly Marketing Medicare Advantage to Beneficiaries—Why Fight it?
When You’re Asked to Cut Your Care Management Costs
Tactical Use of Stop-Loss Insurance

Too Many Patients: The Greatest Barrier to Success
What’s the best telemedicine service for your value-based healthcare plan?
So much value, freely shared.
Medicare Advantage continues to generate explosive growth.
More is not better. Want to know why?

Now is your time to grab a share of the revenue from Medicare Advantage
Here’s the secrets to a high-performing Medicare Advantage program.
In a value-based world, hospitals are a center of cost, not profit.
“Carve Ins” are the latest threat to your Medicare Advantage performance.

The March Towards Accepting “Downside Risk”
Nursing homes are getting into the risk-coding business.
Telemedicine is a threat, not an opportunity.
One flat fee. Minimal documentation. Read More.

There is a huge new opportunity – Will you take advantage of it?
Advance Practice Nurses
The leaders of the medical profession are clueless about how to succeed at Medicare Advantage
Kickbacks will absolutely kill your performance

Medicare Advantage: Leveraging Your Patient Relationships
Kickbacks will absolutely kill your performance.
The Medicare Advantage payment system – It rewards your innovation.
The 2018 Medicare Handbook is out!

CMS is making decisions with profound implications. What does this mean?
Another Service for No Compensation?
What do patients on dialysis mean for you? Opportunities are opening up for those who choose to innovate.
Beware of carve-in: Hospice
I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

Relaxing of tele-health rules? What does this mean to us?
Your revenue is at risk
Flexibility in Uniformity
Underserved Areas: A Key Strategy in Medicare Advantage

Puerto Rico is showing us how it’s done…
Good for recruitment, better for retention, mandatory for your survival.
Happy Birthday—And Thank You
Provider Directories Getting Worse

Generalizing the Medicare Advantage Experience
“Five Star” Ratings Now Worth Less
Lessons From the 2019 Draft Advanced Notice
Underserved Populations a Winner

New Competition Enters the Healthcare Space
Work Requirements Won’t Save the Day
Risk Code Revamp
The Mystery of the Questionable Hospice Sale—Solved!!!!


Shared-Risk Compensation Survey
Uber Cuts Your Costs
Insurer-Owned Primary Care Practices

Peak Risk Coding?
Hard Lessons From Medi-Cal
New Medicare Advantage Benefits

Qui Tam Dismissals
“Age-Ins” and Social Media
Enforcement Tempo Picking Up
Special Needs Plans

Puerto Rico’s Unique Opportunity
Medigap, 2019 and You
Managed Care Medicaid Provides A Glimpse Into Your Future
Reflections on Payment Shifting

Taking Stock
What Medicare Advantage Can Learn From Direct Patient Care
Whistleblowing Is Your Biggest Compliance Threat
Urgent Care
New Narrow Network Compliance Rules Proposed

VA Improvements Put You at Risk
Predicting the Future
Canary in the Coal Mine
How to Put Out a Dumpster Fire

Hospice Works, Don’t Screw It Up
A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Gone
Accuracy is Your Edge
The New York Times, the “Velvet Rope”, and You

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