How to Navigate the Corporate World



Medical training does not prepare you for the corporate world.



Yet that’s where you’re probably going to be spending most of your career.



Without the knowledge of how and why things work, the flow of decisions and information will be mystifying.



That lack of understanding is a huge source of burnout and stress.



Interestingly, nurses do better than docs when they become employed clinicians—they’ve spent more time as employees and that system helps them understand the experience much better.



Watch this video.


Listen to this audiobook.


Read this blog series.




All will be revealed.



You make think that the material overstates the situation a bit, but it will only take a few months in the corporate world to realize just how accurate this information is.




If you still need help understanding why decisions are made which just don’t make sense, read this.




Once you understand the incentives, you can make sense of the corporate world—and relax.




You can even start predicting decisions based on your new knowledge.  It’s actually kinda fun once you get into it.




There, I just saved you a corporate sociology class.