For Healthcare Leaders: Don’t Do This—EVER!*


What the administrator says to the PCP:


“You know, we really need you to spend extra time risk-coding, but we’re not able to put it in your comp plan. Really, it’s no different than asking an orthopedist to use a less expensive implant in the OR.”


What the PCP hears:


“We have to rely on uncompensated professional labor to sustain our cash flow…and since we really don’t understand or respect the work that you do, we decided to use an astonishingly insulting metaphor to try to convince you to do more work without more pay. Fortunately, you’re too stupid to notice.”


“I know implant choices are part of clinical practice, as opposed to the non-clinical activity of entering data, but let’s face it, as a PCP we think data entry is really the only value you bring to the organization.  Besides, if we actually paid you what the data you entered is really worth, you might earn as much as a specialist—and that simply won’t do.”


“You should find a new job immediately before we ask you to perform more uncompensated non-clinical labor or there’s a wholesale change in management—In the new world of data-based healthcare, specialists are a cost center and since we’re obviously specialist-centered, our organization is heading for a really bad place.  I personally have a golden parachute, but best for you not to be around.”



*From an actual conversation personally witnessed by your author, absolutely verbatim—unbelievable.







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