Handling All Those Calls From Your Medicare Advantage Insurance Company

Now that you’ve signed up for Medicare Advantage, be prepared for any number of contacts from your insurance company.


Letters.  Texts.  DMs over social media.


And phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls.


Your insurance company gets paid based on your behavior. Their strategy is to pester you into doing what they want.



Colon cancer screening, shots, bone density tests.



Taking your medication.



Are these things valuable to you?  Safe?  Worth your while?



Possibly, but not certainly. In healthcare one size never fits all.



And if you don’t do what they want you to do, be prepared to be pestered until you comply.



Or until you’re dead.



The best tactic to deal with their annoying presumption that they have a right to your attention is to block them across the board. Don’t be uncomfortable doing so. No information of value will ever be sent to you over the phone.



If you’re uncomfortable about doing so, then ask your PCP and your insurance home.



Tell them you wish to be exempt from any direct contact from the insurance company. They can do it—and If they’re at all engaged with you, they will.



But if you’re uncomfortable with either of these two options, there is a third.



Whenever you get a contact or call, simply refer them to your PCP’s office or your insurance home.



“They take care of all that”—and hang up.



Once again, there is nothing of any real value or importance to you in these contacts. It’s all about making money for the insurance company.



Your time is valuable, your attention limited.



Life is to short to spend them on other people’s priorities.