Grow Your Panel With Personal Referrals

I once met the leading salesman for all of GM.



He was a short, fat, dumpy guy—the exact opposite of a slick car salesman.



But he personally had sold more cars for the company than anyone else—ever.



He was teaching the secret of sales and I wanted to know how much was applicable to growing the Medicare Advantage panels of myself and my partners.



Turned out, it was quite a lot.



The one pro-tip I took away from our time together was thanking existing patients for referrals with a personal, handwritten note. Nothing fancy, just a thank you for thinking of me. Three lines and a signature.



Referrals from existing patients are the single best, and easiest, method of growing your panel. It worked great for us.




How do you encourage them?


  1. After a particularly good encounter, advise your patient that your panels are open and you would appreciate it if they could send any new patients your way.
  2. Find out from every new patient how they got your name and if they would mind if you sent the referral source a thank you note for doing so (to make HIPPA happy). I’ve never had anyone say no.
  3. Then send a personalized, handwritten note to that referral source thanking them for their confidence and advising them you’re open to them sending any more patients your way.


The size of your success is a direct function of the size of your panel.



If you’re risk-sharing you should be growing it any way you can.



A systematic approach to thank you notes made that dumpy guy a multimillionaire.



It can generate enormous growth for your panel as well.