Get Regular Information


If you’re taking downside financial risk your employer must give you transparent, and verifiable financial information on. a regular basis—otherwise they will just use the opportunity to pay you what they decide and massage the numbers to support it.




If you’re not getting these numbers—and they’re not independently verified, then you have to assume your employer is not being honest with you.



Best practice is to have  organizations which risk-share sponsor a committee of clinicians who will verify the systems and certify the numbers.  (I know, I know, another committee—but this one actually is important).



There are plenty of organizations who risk-share honestly.



If you are following the suggestions in our writings and working hard under a financial risk-share yet don’t seem to be doing any better—take a step back, it may not be your fault.



And if you lose confidence in your organization’s ability to honestly reward you for your effort, take heart.



If you have an understanding of risk-sharing, then you are a hot property.



Find an organizations who will reward you.



They are desperately searching for you.