How Do I Get More Medicare Advantage Patients?

Want to flat double the number of patients on your Medicare Advantage panel?

This is what you do.

Once a month, every month, and in person, meet with one of your local insurance agents.

Introduce yourself.

Say hello.

Ask them if they have any questions.

Give them your card.

Make it known you’re anxious to add new patients.

That agent will get the message. The fantastic care you give their clients will greatly increase their chances of future referrals from a satisfied customer—and improve their ongoing business.

Do this every month with a different insurance agent and you will stand way out. You’ll be the only doctor who will have treated the agent with respect. And, when one of their clients sign up for their first Medicare Advantage plan and asks for a PCP recommendation you’ll be the one that agent thinks of.

Want to take it to the next level?

Tell that agent that unlike your colleagues, you find taking care really ill patients exceptionally rewarding—and dual-eligible Medicare Advantage/Medicaid doubly so.

You’ll be flooded with new sign-ups.

And you’ll accelerate your opportunity for success.

Just code up your patients and take great care of them.

And you’ll do as well as me.

Maybe even better.