How Do You Get Dual Eligibles On Your Medicare Advantage Panel?

Go to them.



I struggled with this same problem when I started practice.



I needed the revenue dual-eligible would generate in support of my Medicare Advantage contract.



But they were hard to attract, hard to bond with and hard to retain.



But one day a bowling league buddy asked me if I was taking new patients. He was dual-eligible.



I said sure, and I asked him if he knew anyone in the same boat.



He told me to look around. The entire bowling league was filled with folks just like him.



Unbeknownst to me, I had been bowling and bonding with hundreds of dual-eligibles for over a year. And as soon as I made my interest known to my fellow bowlers, I was soon nicknamed the “Bowling Doctor.”



And my panel swelled with their numbers.



They weren’t my patients, though, they were my friends.



That’s how you do it.  Reach out into the community. Volunteer and play with the same dual-eligibles you hope to attract.



Veterans. Food banks. League Play.



Find them. Engage with them on their own turf. Earn their trust.



Once they find out you’re a good doctor, they will flock with you.



But most importantly, once they flock—they will stay.