Finding Your Insurance Home

For Patients


You simply must have a Medicare “insurance home”.




A place you can contact to troubleshoot your Medicare insurance problems.




A place of protection from all those predators and frauds out there.




A place where you feel confident your interests are going to be put first.




A place where you feel safe.




How do you find your insurance home?





Find an agent who wants to serve as one—not one who’s just looking to move from place to place churning commissions.





You won’t find the good ones behind a table at a grocery store or in the kiosk at the mall. You won’t find them over the phone or outside the big box retailers.




Here’s what to look for.



  • Someone who has sold Medicare Advantage plans for at least ten years


  • Someone who has been doing so in the same location for the all that time.




That should really be enough to keep you from getting “taken.”




If you must, you can also use word of mouth or recommendations from relatives—-but my experience has been that those are no guarantee. Neither are internet ratings.




Just find someone who’s done a good job representing Medicare Advantage plans from the same location for a good long while.




Still can’t find one with confidence?



  • Just call this office. Tell them I recommended you contact them and ask for the name of a local agent that you can trust. This office is regional, but its reach and reputation are national.  No matter where you live, they will send you to the right place.



And no, I don’t get a commission.  Though I do get paid.




I get paid in the knowledge that you won’t have to go through the same stress I saw too many of my patients experience every January when they found out someone took advantage of them.



And if you don’t have to go through that, that’s payment enough.




See last week’s post for patients.