An Enormous Change That Could Cost YOU

By law, beginning in 2019, even the best supplements to Medicare insurance will require beneficiaries to pay a little less than $100 each month out of their own pocket first before the insurance policies kick in.

This is an ENORMOUS change, that could cost the average beneficiary $1,000 a year out of their own pocket that they’ve never had to pay before.

Please pass this post around to everyone you know.

Repost it. Retweet it. Do whatever you can to get people thinking so they won’t have to deal with this at the last minute.

Up until now, you were able to buy a “supplement” for your Medicare that would cover what Medicare didn’t.

Medicare pays for 80% of most care costs, you’re responsible for the other 20%.

Many people bought insurance to pay for that 20%, a “supplement.” That way they could get medical care and pay nothing out of their own pocket.

Millions upon millions of Medicare beneficiaries have these policies.

Someone you know and love does, I guarantee it.

Well, they won’t have that option for very much longer.

The idea was to decrease the amount of healthcare consumed by people who chose to buy this kind of “full pay” supplement.

That change will make a huge difference to anyone on a fixed income. And the out-of-pocket amount is going to increase with healthcare inflation.

If you think this is just one more way to raise the amount you pay for Medicare, you’re right.

There’s been no education about this profound change.

And most people won’t realize it’s coming until late, late this year.

The majority of beneficiaries are happy with their supplement, they just automatically renew year after year. That won’t happen this time.

Everyone, EVERYONE with a supplement will be affected by this change. And many, perhaps most, will need to make a change in their coverage. Medicare Advantage, lower costs supplements or maybe no supplements are

The crush of folks calling their insurance agents in December seeking advice about their supplement will be a wonder to behold.

Don’t let yourself or those you love get caught up in that crush.

Have them contact their agent today and begin that conversation.

And share the news with anyone you know, use this post, message them directly, do what you have to do.

They’ll appreciate it your wisdom.

And come December, when they see what they’ve avoided, they’ll appreciate your care.