Your Employer’s Dirty Little Secret

As a prime, you can make just as much money as you do now with far less effort by concentrating on your Medicare Advantage panel.

Your employer does not want you to know that.

They need you on the fee-for-service treadmill.

They need you to feed patients to their high margin specialty services.  They need you to submit the data their insurers require to cut their checks.  They need you to fill out their insurance panels.

It’s not in their interests to let you know that you can do just as well taking care of 300 patient than taking care of 3000.

Now if you’re employed, and your employer is allowing you to share in the gains of their Medicare Advantage contracts, then it’s a different story.

Then, they WANT you to know.

Because then you both are partners in care.

When one does better, both do.

And increasingly Medicare Advantage and other shared risk contracts are their most lucrative forms of income.

So the choice is yours:

Treadmill to serve the system, or a stroll to serve your patients—and yourself.

Time is all we have.  Use it wisely.