Don’t Pick Your PCP at Random



When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, if you don’t pick a PCP one will be assigned to you “at random.”




That should be your last option.




Get recommendations from your friends and family for a PCP. (Avoid online ratings, but that’s another post.)




Or better yet, get a recommendation from the agent at your “insurance home.”




They very much have skin in the game to make certain you’re satisfied with your care.




But if you accept a doctor assignment at random then you have no idea why they were selected for you.




  • Are they such a poor doctor that the number of patients on their panel are low and the insurance company wants to help them out?
  • Did the health system who employs them pay the insurance company a kickback to assign you to them?
  • Are they so popular that you’ll never get the personalized service you’ll need?



I’ve seen all these scenarios play out in real life—and each time the outcome for the patient was unsatisfactory.



Don’t let that happen to you.



Research and select your PCP yourself, or at least get help from someone like your insurance agent whose interests align with your own.



Your healthcare is too important to do anything else.