That Didn’t Take Long

Working with a prospective client, I discovered they were taking matters into their own hands.


Appalled at the potential cost of a new unfunded Medicare Advantage contract, they decided to be pro-active.


They’re hiring their own home care workers.


If you recall, Medicare Advantage will allow a home care worker benefit for certain beneficiaries.  It is a benefit with no additional funding—and it will be administered by third parties providers who’s only real interest is picking your pocket.  Look for a whole bunch of direct marketing to the patients on your panel encouraging them to take advantage of this new “free” service—all on your dime.


This organization is getting ahead of the game.


They started early so they can get the best workers and are creating systems to make home care services available to needful patients from within and pre-emptively blunting the marketing influence of those outside vendors.


They are internalizing their costs and in doing so managing their utilization.


They are very smart, very outcome oriented.


Imagine how well they’ll do once they engage me.