The Dictator’s Handbook—What’s Missing?


In our previous discussions about clinicians pleasing supervisors and rewarding constituents you probably noticed there was one group conspicuously missing.






That’s because patients don’t have a place in the organizational hierarchy of a healthcare delivery organization.



They’re your work product.



They’re a tool.  A tool through which you’ll generate value.



Some value you’ll send up to your boss.



Some you’ll pass down to your constituents.



And some you’ll keep.






Do you think this is harsh?



Well, get ready for some tough love.



It’s the reality of the world in which you’ve chosen to practice medicine.



And you’ll eventually recognize it—either going in—-or later, after a world of pain.



There’s a clear disconnect delivering an emotional product such as healthcare in an industrial manner.



And the deleterious effects of this disconnect on clinicians just like you is the driving force behind this series of blog posts.



This disconnect—having talented and giving human beings execute their craft in a mal-adaptive environment and forcing them to internalize the predictable failures is literally killing people.



Patients.  Students.  Clinicians.




Medical errors.  Disengagement.  Suicide.




This is the fruit of industrial healthcare delivery.




And as long as this is the game you’ve elected to play, the only way to mitigate the effects is for you, the clinician—the point of the spear—to become fully aware of the rules and their consequences.




Perhaps, through a combination of inertia, fatigue and heavy debt, you didn’t make the choice of employment with a full understanding of all its implications.




Perhaps you would like to reconsider the alternatives.




If not, then preparing yourself for the consequences of your choices is not only wise self-preservation, it’s the only way forward.




The insights related in “The Dictators Handbook” will allow you to work within your large organization successfully.




Even better, It will give your best self the power to engender positive change.







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