Dealing With Failure






I had several partners who had to pay money out of his own pocket each of the first few years they worked under his Medicare Advantage contract.




Some quit, other persevered.




The ones who persevered learned why they lost money, made adjustments and subsequently prospered better than most.




The ones who quit didn’t.




There are two reasons clinicians fail to achieve the potential of working under “shared-opportunity” contracts like Medicare Advantage.




One is that they are being defrauded by their organization or insurance partner. In that case, get someone like me in to look things over. Then you can decide how to proceed. (This is an increasing problem as very few clinicians understand how their contracts actually work)





The other, more common reason is that the clinicians quit.




They either stop working under the contract, or they just ignore their poor performance and keep on doing the same things.





A shared-opportunity contract is the last, best way to jump off the treadmill of industrial medicine. It’s how you can finally be paid for healing rather than doing.




Use the resources in your organization to address your failures so you can achieve that benefit. If those resources aren’t available, contact me.




You’ve been succeeding all your life.




Don’t let a fear of failure stop you as the ultimate success is finally in your grasp.