The CorpMed Deal is Not As Good As It Seems

Here’s the deal:


Work as an employed doctor.



Avoid all the hassle of running your own business.



Just practice medicine and nothing else.



I’ve done both.



The demands an employer places on you far outways the demand of running your own practice. It’s not even close.



the ridiculous initiatives that change your workflow, the meetings, the “training,” the EMR upgrades that do nothing to improve your experience or your patients care.



Compared to the time you spend hanging up your own shingle in a direct primary care practice—there’s no comparison.  I spend far less time running my own practice when I was the owner than I did with the busy work when I was a drone.



There are many reasons to elect employment as a practice model.




But the relative time and effort you spend on uncompensated work isn’t one of them.