Clinicians – Excel in the Corporate World


So you’ve decided to practice medicine as an employee of a large organization.


It’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever done before.


Sure, your residency was provided within a large organization—but you were a trainee. You were protected.


Even if your life experience covers working in a large business, you’ve never played the key role that you will now—clinician, the driver of revenue and cost.


No, working as an important employee in a large organization is an entirely different animal. But you can save yourself an ocean of grief and give yourself a massive head start if you prepare.






Read the “The Dictator’s Handbook.”



Despite the off-putting title, it is the single best analysis of the sociology inside of large organizations.


Based on the peer-reviewed research from two prominent sociologists, it’s predictive power will be of immense use.


You wouldn’t take boards without studying, you wouldn’t present a patient without reading their chart.


Don’t join a large organization without reading this book.


To do otherwise is a certain guarantee of confusion, stress, and loss of joy time.


“The Dictator’s Handbook” will teach you everything you need to know about thriving in the world of corpmed—facts and tactics your faculty should have taught you but didn’t.


Burnout CAN be prevented—but it takes knowledge and forethought.


This book will give you the understanding you’ll need to predict behaviors up and down the organizational chart in your workplace. The impetus behind seemingly nonsensical actions will become clear. And if you share your insights with your co-workers, you’ll quickly create a reputation as a “corporate whisperer.”


The empowerment will give you a sense of control—and a sense of control is your greatest weapon in your fight against burnout.


Through a sense of mastery that enables you to predict many co-worker behaviors and explain others after the fact. That power allows you to tell yourself a story where you’re in control—and control is the ultimate immunization against burnout.


So read it, and then watch this space for corp-med specific instructions on how to use its wisdom to your certain benefit and success.







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