Take a look at what some of Tom’s clients have to say:


Dr. Davis is a powerful speaker who has the rare ability to interpret complex issues and develop action plans that are easy to follow. We had the pleasure of having Dr. Davis present to the ACO physician leaders affiliated with TMA PracticeEdge. The information that Dr. Davis shared was invaluable. He spoke from the heart and used his expertise as a practicing physician to give poignant advice in offering value-based care and enhancing the patient experience. It was truly a privilege to see him in action!
Kim Harman
Executive Director
Texas Medical Association PracticeEdge
Austin, Texas

A powerful, generous presentation. He gave and gave and kept on giving. It was hands down the best, most practical explanation of how Medicare Advantage works I have every seen (and I used to work for Lumeris, so I’ve seen many). Took a dull topic and made it engaging, entertaining, even funny. He didn’t stop until every question was answered. I’ve never seen a doctor connect with coders in this way. Thank you!
Laurie L. CPC
American Association of Professional Coders

Amazing results!

Tom mentored me from the time I first started working my Medicare Advantage contract. He explained the flow of dollars through the contract, how to interpret the associated metrics and shared specific, insightful tactics that I used to leverage the contract for both my own and my patient’s success. His talents and knowledge literally drove millions of dollars of revenue my way. Encouraging, easy to work with, and incredibly generous with his extensive, in-depth knowledge, Tom dramatically shortened my learning curve and made a huge difference for me and my patients. He is indeed the Medicare Advantage Master.

Highly recommended.

Patrick Smith MD
St. Clair, MO

THE risk coding rock star
Maria G. Berdayes-Bowles DO
Millennium Physicians, Houston TX

I had an excellent experience this past weekend in Austin, Texas. I attended a series of talks given by Dr. Davis over Medicare Advantage tactics and success at the recent Texas Medical Association PracticeEdge conference. His insights into successfully taking care of patients who participate in Medicare Advantage plans were deep, unique and immediately useful for the attendees. His personal story is compelling and his obvious passion for service translated into both an engaging experience and an immediate connection with the physicians in attendance. Each walked away with at least one action (I had 7 to do’s) that would dramatically improve their financial performance and patient care. I will take this information back to the other physicians in my group in Huntsville and to providers in the Rising Star ACO. I highly recommended for audiences large or small.
David A. Prier MD FAAP FACP
Founding Board Member at PracticeEdge Alliance Accountable Care Organization LLC

Tom’s experience with maximizing reimbursement opportunities was paramount to our group’s financial success. His depth and breadth of knowledge was continually shared with all participating physicians, specialists and physician extenders in our group. We all learned a tremendous amount of strategic information to focus upon when approaching risk based reimbursement and population based health care.
Thomas Farrell MD
Medical Director, Total Access Urgent Care

Our multi-specialty group faced a challenging and rapidly changing regulatory and competitive environment. Tom helped meet that challenge through leveraging our value-based care contracts, developing innovative care delivery systems, educating clinicians and developing compliance and revenue retention systems that were second to none. His efforts helped drive and sustain the generation and retention of tens of millions of dollars of revenue to our organization and he did so with tenacity and integrity. His low key style was relentlessly effective in achieving transformative change. His talents and personality will help clinicians and organizations at any level generate exceptional value for themselves and their patients.
John Mohart MD
Board of Managers, Patients First Healthcare

I highly recommend Dr Tom Davis to you for assistance in obtaining full compensation for your clinical efforts in today’s value based reimbursement schemes in health care. Tom’s expertise was in my opinion the major reason for the success of our large multispecialty group’s success in managed Medicare over the last 15 years. Tom has many strong suits and his expertise in the area of obtaining the full reimbursement in risk stratified health care reimbursement is one of them. It is no exaggeration to say that his efforts in learning the details of these reimbursement protocols and educating the physicians in our large group about those details resulted in millions of dollars of reimbursement to our large group that would not have been realized without his efforts. Tom’s personality is ideally suited to educating physicians about these issues. He is terrific at acknowledging physician frustration with changing reimbursement schemes and guiding physicians toward a knowledge base and coding strategy that will garner full reimbursement for their efforts. He is the opposite of condescending and I have heard several physicians with reputations of being difficult cats purring under Tom’s kind and unassuming leadership.
Kim Colter MD
Washington, Missouri

Tom Davis MD has been my partner for more than 25 years. As our medical market place became saturated with PPO’s and HMO’s Dr. Davis had the foresight and insight to bring our medical group to the cutting edge of understanding the complicated payment systems for physician reimbursement. He taught us that there was an easier, more concise and accurate approach to coding.

His educational efforts among the providers and staff, unique internal compliance protocols, regulatory and contracting insights and, as part of our leadership team, care system development helped drive the generation and retention of millions of dollars of annual revenue to our organization and the creation and growth of a patient pool numbering thousands of covered lives. Precise coding provides the best information to the third-party payer regarding the patient as well as the best reimbursement to the practitioner. Physicians, hospital systems and insurance organizations will benefit greatly from the innovative and creative approaches that Dr. Davis can bring to the table.

Tim Long MD
Board of Managers Patients First Healthcare Washington, Missouri

We partnered with the original doctor’s group (Patients First) that Dr. Tom Davis was a member, ten years ago. We immediately found that Dr. Davis was a leading advocate for value based billing and managed care programs. Since then, we have had the opportunity of guiding and educating his patients toward a plan that fits that member’s needs.

Dr. Tom Davis has a true ability to analyze the nature of where a patient or organization can be helped. We have been very fortunate to experience his insight and many best practices. He understands the significance of proper coding and billing so the provider organization can get the most out of managed care regulations and benefits, while also administering the best and most appropriate care for his patients. He is an expert at defining imperfections and designing solutions.

Dee Forshee & Jim Ming
Partners, Ming Senior Services

I’ve been colleagues with Tom Davis since since 2004. He taught me how to manage patients in a value based practice before value was a buzz word. Your patients can have the right care at the right place at the right time. Tom has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to teach any physician why and how to apply these principles to clinical practice. I personally know many primary care physicians whose yearly net income was greater than $500,000 and several who netted more than $1,000,000 yearly by following Tom’s teachings. I know others who ignored Tom’s direction and were not profitable. Which would you rather be? Contact TomDavisConsulting. Now.
David Guss, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Davis and I have been associated for nearly two decades and I have found his advice and expertise to be outstanding. In the realm of appropriate coding and documentation, especially as it relates to Medicare and Medicare Advantage products, he has no equal. He has mentored many of our colleagues and helped them to understand the need for precise and complete documentation for these products. You will find his counsel to be very valuable.
Keith Ratcliff MD FAAFP
Renaissance Family Health Care

I had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Thomas Davis as we served together for several years on the board of a large multispecialty medical group. Tom showed early on he was years ahead to the rest of us with his understanding of Medicare risk contracts and Medicare reimbursement. I feel one of the major reasons for the financial success of our organization was his knowledge and constant research in this evolving entity. His understanding of risk stratified healthcare helped are company both make as well as save millions of dollars. His other strong attribute is his ability to communicate this information with his fellow physicians as well corporate staff and make this information understandable. Tom continues to diligently study the changes that are occurring in our health care system and I would highly recommend him to help maximize your reimbursement now and in the future.
Gary Dumontier MD
Internal Medicine Washington, MO

I had the privilege of working with Dr.Davis in a physician owned medical practice in our Medicare Advantage care management program. He was instrumental in educating me about risk products, HCC coding, patient care and expanding my role as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. We developed a comprehensive program resulting in improved patient outcomes, decreased hospital readmission rates, and improved physician reimbursement. We educated physicians, nursing staff in clinics, Nursing home staff and Administrators , hospital care managers and other stakeholders. The result was improved patient satisfaction and care throughout the continuum for patients in the program. Additionally, physicians found patients more compliant with medication regimes and self management of disease processes.

This experience was invaluable for my career development.

I consider myself lucky to have had Dr.Davis as a mentor.

Margaret Rechtien GNP-BC,CCM
Project Manager
Mercy Clinic Care Management
St. Louis, MO