Dr. Tom Davis works with a diverse group of healthcare clients to achieve dramatic bottom-line results. Over the past 25 years, he has personally mentored scores of physicians, nurse practitioners, care coordinators, students and administrators while designing and building exceptional healthcare delivery systems for phenomenal success.

While every client comes to Tom with their own unique challenges and goals, after working with him each one shares the same powerful outcome–the creation of incredible value

Typical results include:

  • Exceptional patient care delivery.
  • Engaged clinicians practicing high-quality medicine with autonomy.
  • Dramatic, sustainable accelerated revenue growth.
  • Prevention of clawbacks due to costly compliance mistakes.
  • Greater autonomy and heightened career satisfaction for your medical staff.
  • Mastery of value-based and shared-risk contracting.
  • Extraordinary cost control and patient satisfaction.
  • Creation of powerful innovation centers, unleashing the gifts of the clinical staff.

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