What You Can Learn From Tribbles

Remember the episode of Star Trek where Captain Kirk met the tribbles.



Tribbles are soft, furry plushes who reproduced at an astonishing rate.



The bad-guy Klingon killed them with poison in their food—one that prevented them from absorbing nutrients. The more they consumed the poisoned food, the fewer nutrients they were able to absorb.



As Captain Kirk put it, “They starved to death. They were in a bin full of grain and they starved to death.”



Every patient visit you perform generates an additional 10% of work after the fact. Uncompensated work—record reviews, prior auths, refills and the like. The more patients you see, the more uncompensated work you must perform.  And since your health system won’t let you decrease the number of patients you see, you have to spend time outside of working hours catching up.



That’s why you feel like you’re always running behind, that you can never get ahead.



The more you work, the more work is required of you. Uncompensated work.



Lather. Rinse. Repeat.



Until, like a tribble you “starve” to death, despite seeing more and more patients.



If you can’t control your schedule, the only way to win is not to play.