Be Wary

Lots of organizations have programs promoting “healing in place” and burnout prevention.



Be wary.



If your leadership decides to dismiss you, your participation can be used against you—possibly in such a way that will follow you the rest of your professional life.




I recommend to my clients that they avoid these programs altogether. Don’t help, don’t participate in their creation, don’t use them.




I know it sounds harsh, and it goes against our helping natures, but remember Razor #7 of the Clinician Canon:




Your medical director is not your friend nor your colleague, only an “incredible simulation”—they will turn on you the moment it’s in their employer’s interest to do so.




Harsh, but true.




If you need help, get it yourself using a false name and pay cash.




Or contact Dr. Pam.




But, for the love of heaven, don’t trust your employer.