Be Transparent or Don’t Risk-Share At All

If you’re going to risk-share with your primes, be transparent.



I’ve recently been contacted in a number of cases where the employed clinicians have been contracted to financially risk-share with their employers, only to have the employers cook the numbers and keep some of their revenue.



In each case, the promised risk-share was murky with no regular sharing of data between the employers and the clinicians.



Why anyone in management thought this was a good idea is unclear. The whole point of risk-sharing is to reward and reinforce your clinician’s positive actions.



Instead, you wind up alienating them—with any short-term financial gain being offset by the loss of confidence and legal action.



Even if you’re not stealing from your clinicians, if you risk-share you should absolutely be transparent, with education regarding the contract and regular reporting with simple, easy-to-understand measures.



These are the initiatives that engender confidence and positive change.



And if you’re risk-sharing, that’s what you’re aiming for, not just making a short-term buck.