How to Avoid Medicare Advantage Fraud

How to Avoid Medicare Advantage Fraud

When you pick up the phone and there’s someone on the other end cold calling you about your Medicare Advantage options—hang up.

It could be a fraud.

Your Medicare benefits are worth an enormous amount of money. So much so that fake insurers will mislead you into signing up for their low-quality insurance—and then disappear.

They’ll leave you and your PCP to clean up the mess, possibly with the “bonus” of thousands of dollars of uncovered medical bills.

Every January, like clockwork, any number of my patients would travel through my door as they figured out they’d been defrauded.

And the most common way they were reached was by phone.

In many states, direct marketing of Medicare Advantage by phone is flat illegal.

So don’t feel bad about being rude.

Just hang up.

You’ll be saving yourself a world of trouble.